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Surface Repairs Prior to any surface repair advice should be sought from the manufacturer regarding continuity of guarantees. 5.2.1 Scratches and Small Abrasions Starting with 180 grit wet and dry on a block of wood, keep the paper wet at all times to prevent clogging. Move along the profile until all the scratches have been removed. Wash the surface of the board to remove any 180 grit remaining and then repeat the exercise with 360 grit and 1000 grit wet and dry washing the surface after each application. Give the board a final wash with clean water, removing all traces of grit and polish the whole board with a proprietary household, non-abrasive cream cleaner. 5.2.2 Large Scratches and Gouges (less than 3mm deep) Remove any raised areas level with the board surface using medium glass paper. Score the surface of any indentation with skin intact and fill the damaged area with automotive type body filler. Repeat as 5.2.1 and finish, where appropriate with a good quality satin finish polyurethane paint. Dark colours are not recommended for use externally.